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Type 1 diabetes in Canada

The BETTER registry collects information about living with type 1 diabetes in Canada. Choose a province to explore a preview!

Some statistics from the registry in Canada

3825 people registered

61.3%* identify as female

38.4%* identify as male

0.3%* identify as another gender

41.1%* use an insulin pump

83.6%* use a continuous glucose monitor

23.2%* do not have private insurance

9.2%* live with LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults)

40.1%* report that the fear of hypoglycemia is a barrier to achieving optimal blood sugar levels

2* hypoglycemic events < 4.0 mmol/L in the last 3 days

12%* report experiencing workplace discrimination

56%* say they have received judgment about their diet

22.5%* experience a form of diabetes-related distress

*Data extracted from the BETTER registry for ages 14 and above | under 3374 participants Last updated: August 2023