The BETTER registry

What is the BETTER Registry?

Registries already exist in the United States and in Europe, but this is the first registry of people living with type 1 (including LADA) diabetes in Canada! A registry is a bit like a census.

Registries help improve care, research, and in some cases can impact changes in government policies and insurance coverage.

This project is being led by researchers, health professionals, people living with type 1 diabetes or whose children are living with type 1 diabetes, and policy makers (e.g. INESSS)

To participate, simply complete an online questionnaire. The registry already has more than 2800 people registered (as of Nov.22).

Why should you participate?

To share your reality and provide a better representation of type 1 diabetes.

To access our live webinars or their replays.

To get a chance to win $500. For every 500 entries, $500 is up for grabs. For adults (14 years and older): the more questionnaires you fill out, the more chances you have to win.

Get access to our online training platform called Support (adults + 18 years old only)

How to participate?

WARNING: You have doubts and want to know if you are already registered? Please contact us

Want to help us get the word out about the project?​

You can find materials to download, print and distribute HERE!