The BETTER registry

The BETTER registry is for people living in Quebec with type 1 diabetes. The purpose is to measure the frequency and severity of hypoglycemic episodes.

The data collected in the registry is confidential and will provide a general portrait of the population with type 1 diabetes in Quebec in terms of demographics, treatment, frequency and consequences of hypoglycemia, lifestyle habits and complications of diabetes, as well as evaluate the potential of new technologies and therapies to reduce the frequency of hypoglycemia.

All people with type 1 diabetes (14 years old and over) and parents of children under 14 years old with type 1 diabetes are welcome to register.

Register myself (14 y.o. and older)

Register my child (13 y.o. and younger)

You have the option to participate in one, two or three phases of the registry. At any time, you can save your answers and continue later.

Estimated time to answer the questionnaires:

  • Phase 1 : 10 minutes
  • Phase 2 : 30 minutes
  • Phase 3 : 45 minutes


Participants have a chance to win a $ 500 Amazon Gift Card (1 gift card will be drawn for every 500 entries). The chances of winning increase according to the degree of participation in the registry:

  • Phase 1: one chance to win (1 coupon)
  • Phase 2: two additional chances of winning (3 coupons)
  • Phase 3: two additional chances of winning (5 coupons)