Reduce hypoglycemia in people with type 1 diabetes:

This is the goal of the BETTER project (BEhaviors, Therapies, TEchnologies and Hypoglycemic Risk in Type 1 Diabetes)

Patient-oriented research

The BETTER project brings together patient-partners who, themselves, have type 1 diabetes, parents of children with type 1 diabetes, researchers, health professionals and decision-makers who are already involved and who wish to pursue research to improve clinical practices, treatments and quality of life for patients. Their involvement allows, among other things, research focused on the needs of patients as well as recruitment and dissemination of effective results. Meet our team.

Collaboration between entities

The BETTER project allows collaboration between the various actors of the milieu. Thus, patient-partners, researchers, and health professionals collaborate with academic circles, government entities, and industries. All with the aim of improving the lives of people with type 1 diabetes. See all our partners


Our logo is derived from the vision of our patient-partners and is inspired by the blue circle that is the global symbol for diabetes created by the International Diabetes Federation (www.idf.org).