Here are a few videos to watch and share.

Several other tools are available on the online training platform SUPPORT. To access them, complete the 2 first phases of the BETTER registry and you may receive an invitation to participate in the SUPPORT study.

Injecting glucagon

Learn how and when to inject glucagon.

Information on the screen of continuous glucose monitor

Learn more about the screen of continuous glucose monitor.

Sleeping in when you have type 1 diabetes

Watch testimonials from people living with type 1 diabetes.

What is lipodystrophy?

Learn more about lipodystrophies and their impact on blood glucose management.

Accuracy of continuous glucose monitors (CGM)

Have you ever noticed a difference between the results of your capillary blood glucose meter and your continuous glucose monitor? Here’s why.

How to measure my waist circumference?

Find out how to measure your waist circumference now with this video.

What's the BETTER registry?

If you or your child is living with type 1 diabetes, you can now participate in the first registry of people living with type 1 diabetes in Quebec. Find out what this registry is all about with this video.