The SUPPORT platform

SUPPORT is for adults living with type 1 in Quebec.

It is a FREE ONLINE TRAINING PLATFORM accessible through a research project for adults that have subscribed to the BETTER registry and which have completed the first two questionnaires. 

SUPPORT aims to make management of type 1 diabetes easier.

How does SUPPORT work?

SUPPORT is accessible online from any phone, tablet or computer. It offers personalized information according to your treatment (syringes/pen or insulin pump) and the way you measure your blood sugar (capillary or continuous glucose meter).

What can we find in SUPPORT?

The platform offers information divided into 7 categories (medication, diet, physical activity, blood sugar monitoring, hypo and hyperglycemia, health and particular issues) in order to cover most of the aspects related to living with type 1 diabetes.

Each category has modules of different levels, images, videos, downloadable tools and automated calculators.

The platform also hosts a discussion forum where you can exchange with other people living with type 1 diabetes. The forum is moderated by a health professionnal.

Would you like to participate?

For now, the platform is available in French only. The English version should be online in the summer of 2020.

Until then, you can register to the registry and complete the first two questionnaires.

At the end of the questionnaires, you will be asked if you want to participate in an online platform.

If you answer YES, we will contact you once the English platform is online. 

Would you like to register your child, (13 y.o. and younger) living with type 1 diabetes in the BETTER registry?