SugarBEAT®: A continuous glucose meter without needle

At the EASD congress held in late September 2019 in Europe, a new continuous glucose monitoring system was presented by Nemaura Medical. This new device is called SugarBEAT® and is non-invasive, ie no needles are needed to install it.

Indeed, it is in the form of a disposable adhesive patch to wear on the arm. It measures the level of sugar in the interstitial fluid using an imperceptible electric current through the skin. The device is connected to a rechargeable transmitter that automatically transmits glucose readings every 5 minutes to a phone or smart watch.

This device has received European approval in early summer 2019 and is expected to be available in England and Germany by the end of the year. The company has also just filed an application for approval with the Food and Drug Association (USA).

New technologies are growing at a brisk pace and are well on their way to help improve the quality of life of people living with diabetes.

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