Insulin and Diabetes Supplies: No Shortage in Sight

We have received a lot of messages and calls over the past few days from people with type 1 diabetes who are worried about insulin supply. We contacted the major manufacturers, and none of them are expecting any shortage of insulin or diabetes supplies (insulin pumps, blood sugar meters, test strips, CGMs, etc.).

According to manufacturers, stocks are plentiful and there is no need to worry for now.

If your pharmacist told you that they were short of insulin or diabetes supplies, rest assured that these shortages are only temporary and generally last no longer than 24 hours. Wholesalers impose a limit to pharmacies, which prevents them from stocking up on insulin and diabetes supplies when they are in high demand (as they are currently).

So, even when pharmacy stocks seem low, they will get replenished as soon as an order is placed.

A 14-day supply is enough

You might be tempted to stockpile insulin and diabetes supplies for months on end, but it’s important that you don’t exceed the 14-day (the duration of a potential quarantine) supply recommendation. If everyone stockpiled loads of supplies, manufacturers might have a hard time meeting the high demand.

Do you have type 1 diabetes and are you looking for help in planning a 14-day supply? View our list HERE.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 messages from manufacturers

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