Thank you for visiting the BETTER project website and for reading our privacy policy.

Automatic exchange of information

When you access the http://www.type1better.com site, your computer and the website server automatically exchange information. However, this exchange does not identify you personally.

The website collects this information due to the technical requirements of Internet navigation. The server needs the information to send you files that are compatible with the computer system you are using. We assure you that in any case, these requirements will not identify you personally.

Information is kept and used for statistical purposes. It is used to track the number of visits, most frequently visited pages, technology used by visitors, referring sites, and visitors’ country of origin. This information is never used to draw up lists of users.

Transmission of personal information

This website does not collect any personal information without the consent of the visitor.

We remind you that the transmission of information by electronic mail is not completely secure. For that reason, we advise you not to disclose any personal information in emails. We follow the same policy: we do not answer questions by email that involve sending information of a confidential nature.


For more information, please contact us by email better@ircm.qc.ca or phone 514 987-5696