In this section you will find tools that you can download and print.

Several other tools are available on the online training platform SUPPORT. To access them, complete the first 2 questionnaires of the BETTER registry and you may receive an invitation to participate in the SUPPORT study.

How to Manage Ketone Bodies

This tool indicates actions to be taken based on ketone values and associated symptoms.

How to Manage Ketone Bodies with an Insulin Pump

This tool provides instructions on how to manage ketones with the use of an insulin pump.

What do the Trend Arrows Mean?

The Trend Arrow Meaning Tool shows the expected changes in blood glucose levels over the next 10 minutes based on the Continuous Glucose Meter.

List of Products for Skin Conditions

The Skin Problem Product Tool shows examples of products, dressings or strips, which can be used in case of sensor, catheter or pod detachment, or irritation or allergy related to them.