FreeStyle Libre 2 app update: no more scanning required!

Exciting news! Abbott has just announced the launch of an update to the Freestyle Libre 2 application that will enable users to get real-time glucose readings directly on their phone.

Up until now, FreeStyle Libre users had to manually scan the sensor to obtain their current glucose levels and those from the past eight hours (if not scanned at least every 8 hours, that time range data is lost).

Continuous glucose monitoring devices have become much appreciated by individuals managing type 1 diabetes (T1D), significantly reducing the demand for traditional capillary blood glucose testing and providing a comprehensive overview of glucose levels. The impact of these devices extends beyond glucose management, positively influencing the quality of life for people living with T1D.

Learn more about the FreeStyle Libre 2 update here!

Real-time glucose readings: the details

With the update of the FreeStyle LibreLink application (version 2.10), FreeStyle Libre 2 users will automatically get real-time glucose readings on their smartphones every minute. (Please note: this does not apply to the first generation FreeStyle Libre). Rest assured, all previously available features, including alerts, remain intact with this upgrade.

For users who share their glucose data with friends and family through the LibreLinkUp data-sharing app, this update brings an added advantage. Loved ones can also experience the real-time display of blood glucose levels. (Please note: an update of the LibreLinkUp application may also be necessary to use this feature.)

According to Abbott, the sensor hardware itself remains unchanged. However, it’s worth noting that if you update the application while your sensor is already in place, you’ll need to wait until your next sensor replacement to access this new functionality. The initial sensor scan during setup (sensor change) is still necessary, and you can continue to scan the sensor to retrieve data after activities like swimming or during periods when Bluetooth connectivity isn’t available. The sensor’s 14-day lifespan remains unchanged, and the one-hour warm-up period before the initial blood glucose readings are displayed remains in place.

How can you get this update?

If you’re an existing user of the application, keep an eye out for a notification prompting you to update. Like all apps, FreeStyle LibreLink is compatible only with specific mobile devices and operating systems. The app can be accessed on iOS (iPhone 8 and newer, running iOS 15.5 and above) and Android (NFC-compatible smartphones or Android 8 and newer).

For LibreStyle Libre 2 Reader users, it’s important to note that this real-time reading feature won’t be available. If that is your case, you’ll need to continue scanning the sensor to access your blood glucose readings.

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Written by:

  • Nathalie Kinnard, scientific writer and research assistant
  • Sarah Haag, RN., BSc.

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  • Amélie Roy-Fleming, RD, MSc.
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