Closed loop insulin delivery systems: an update

What is closed loop insulin delivery? Closed loop insulin delivery, also referred as “artificial pancreas”, is a system that tries to mimic what the human pancreas is meant to do by using real time continuous glucose monitor data to automatically adjust the insulin pump’s basal insulin delivery.  It is not completely automated as, depending on … Read more

SGLT-2: Can type 2 diabetes medication be of use in a type 1 context?

Over the past couple of years, several new drugs have become available to treat diabetes, specifically type 2. Some that lower appetite, slow down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, increase insulin production, modify expression of certain genes involved in sugar metabolism, or even increase the amount of sugar the body excretes in the urine.    Can … Read more

Rotavirus vaccine might protect against type 1 diabetes

Rotavirus is a common contagious virus that mainly causes diarrhea in children (i.e. gastroenteritis). Additionally, rotavirus has been linked to type 1 diabetes (T1D) as, in predisposed persons, it could both accelerate the destruction of beta cells and to promote islet autoimmunity; two essential features of T1D. Recently a group of researchers from the United … Read more

Physical activity : can glucagon be the key to hypoglycemia prevention?

What is glucagon? Glucagon is a hormone that acts opposite to insulin and allows for sugar release from one’s own liver stores and into the bloodstream. It is specifically of interest when blood sugar is very low, hence why it is usually used as a severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar requiring a third party assistance) emergency … Read more

Summer and type 1 diabetes: how does the heat affect my diabetes?

Research is still needed to precisely understand how summer and temperature changes affect blood sugar levels and its management, here is what is known.  The season has many variables that can affect either your blood sugar directly, how your body responds to external factors, or your insulin or diabetes gadgets like pumps. 1-   Effects … Read more

Type 1 diabetes and summer heat: top 5 strategies to enjoy your summer

Summer is here with its additional challenges, especially when dealing with type 1 diabetes. Hence why our team is launching a blog series where we will be talking about everything related to summer and diabetes, so stay tuned. In this first blog we compiled a list of 5 pertinent strategies to ensure you enjoy your summer … Read more

Can vitamin D be the key to type 1 diabetes prevention?

Sunshine and T1D Canada is considered to have one of the highest rates of type 1 diabetes (T1D) alongside other northern countries such as Finland, Norway, and Sweden.(1) Some studies have reported there might be a relationship between lower duration of sun exposure and risk of having type 1 diabetes. The suspected link has to … Read more