“What Is Going on With My Blood Sugar?”

Do you ever notice that your blood sugar is higher or lower than usual, and you don’t know why? Here’s a short list of potential explanations compiled by the BETTER team. Lower than usual blood sugar Meal bolus administered twice. If you use an insulin pump, you can view your history of administered boluses. If … Read more

Type 1 Diabetes Complications on the Rise for African-American Children

In the United States, the quality of care you get strongly depends on whether you have insurance or not. Therefore, having a low socio-economic status, and often little or no insurance coverage, can affect your quality of life.  African Americans are one of the population groups that are the most affected by poverty. In 2018, … Read more

Cannabis and Type 1 Diabetes

The effects of cannabis (or marijuana) use in people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) are still largely unknown. However, several research teams are starting to look into them.  Depending on its composition, cannabis can cause the following short-term effects to all users: alteration of perception and coordination, memory loss, cloudy decision-making, increased appetite, and delayed … Read more