Prebiotics and Their Impact on Type 1 Diabetes

The different types of bacteria in our digestive system (also called “intestinal microbiota” or “intestinal flora”) have been widely studied in the last few years for their potential positive or negative impacts on our health. The human intestine hosts more than 400 different species of bacteria that amount to approximately 100,000 billion bacteria. They help … Read more

How Can I Prepare for a Critical Emergency With Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)?

This is the question that a medicine professor from the University of South Carolina, Dr. Anne L. Peters, tried to answer in the wake of the California wildfires and evacuations in 2019. She noted two types of critical emergencies that people living with T1D should get ready for: immediate evacuation and longer-term evacuation, where you … Read more

Why is peer support so important?

Parents, siblings, partners, friends, teachers, coaches, and even our endocrinologists don’t get it. Although many people may know the science about our disease, they just don’t get it. When living with type 1 diabetes, we often feel alone. Nobody understands the daily struggle of fighting to stay healthy and alive. Nobody understands the worry you … Read more