UK builds consensus for better access to new technologies

To help people living with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels, more and more technologies, such as new insulin pumps or new continuous glucose monitors, are available. These devices offer new possibilities such as : Continuous blood glucose meters that communicate with certain watches or smartphones to easily and discreetly check blood sugar levels. Moreover, … Read more

Closed loop insulin delivery systems: an update

What is closed loop insulin delivery? Closed loop insulin delivery, also referred as “artificial pancreas”, is a system that tries to mimic what the human pancreas is meant to do by using real time continuous glucose monitor data to automatically adjust the insulin pump’s basal insulin delivery.  It is not completely automated as, depending on … Read more

SGLT-2: Can type 2 diabetes medication be of use in a type 1 context?

Over the past couple of years, several new drugs have become available to treat diabetes, specifically type 2. Some that lower appetite, slow down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, increase insulin production, modify expression of certain genes involved in sugar metabolism, or even increase the amount of sugar the body excretes in the urine.    Can … Read more